Be Different

Victor advises✍🏽….
……..the life you live today is a product of the decision you made yesterday. Life has got the good, the bad, the poor, the rich, and the super rich…..oh mine, the ”Trassaco”, the ”Novotels”, the ”East Legons”, the typical villages, the High and Low Universities, the ”Adisadels” and the “by His Grace Senior High Schools”. Life is full of choices and we all choose to be where we want to be. Whether we go to heaven or hell, it’s a choice we have to make. Now, take a careful look around you, is this where you really want to be? Are these the things you want to see around you? Are the friends you have now the friends you really want to have? Is this the kind of food you want to eat now and for the rest of your life? Is this the kind of beloved you want to date and eventually build a home with?. The decisions you make today will determine whether your children survive or starve tomorrow. Look around you. Examine your life. Make a decision now. Change the things you do not want to see or find yourself do. Dare to be different, and always remember that you are you, and that is your power……..


Dicover Your Worth

Life gives you many opportunities to choose from. The smarter you are, the more you realise what to choose and how best to make your life count.

Until you discover your worth, you can’t make a choice to meet your standards in life.
Do not hope for the best, work for the best.

Let your life count. Struggles will come, but just for a while, if you rightly and wisely make a choice.

Discovering your worth does not only expose you to opportunities, it helps you discover the truths about life and how best you can adjust. You are never too late in life.

Someone made it at 25 and you started at 25, but once you know your worth, you are equally going to make it.

Life is not a race, do not rush, it’s worth the wait.

Make A Move

We’re in an era where we ought to think to make ends meet. Life will not favor the idle until the idle chooses to work.

We’re all potentially blessed to live the life we pray for. Until you put in an effort, life is going to toss you about.

No man ever slept and woke up to a fulfilled life without putting in any effort. Make a move today, make your life count and always remember to give back to the people who gave you a push when you needed it.